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PT AKR Corporindo Tbk entered coal mining and infrastructure business in 2009 by acquiring 87.5% shares in PT Anugrah Karya Raya (AKR Coal), a coal mining and trading company which controls 5 concessions covering 24,388 hectares of coal mining in Muara Teweh, Barito Utara , Central Kalimantan. Currently, the Company owns 96.75% of shares in AKR Coal.

The Company invests in coal mines and development of coal logistics infrastructures in Indonesia, such as hauling roads and river ports. The Company is implementing a strategy for integrating those investments in Indonesia with river ports in Guigang, China. The Company also executes coal trading business in Guigang since 2010 through its subsidiary AKR (Guangxi) Coal Trading Co Ltd.

The first export shipment of coal from AKR Coal’s mine departed from the port in South Kalimantan in March 2012.


AKR Coal produces medium calorie, low sulphur coal. AKR Coal intends to distribute thermal coal produced by its own mine concessions not only to consumers in Indonesia, but also to South China by utilizing coal ports in Guigang.

Parameter Typical Rejection Limit Result
Total Moisture (AR) 26 Pct > 28 Pct + 22-25 Pct
Inherent Moisture (ADB) 14 Pct   12 Pct
Ash (ADB) 8 Pct > 10 Pct + 7 Pct
Volatile Matters (ADB) 40 Pct   40 Pct
Total Sulphur (ADB) 1 Pct > 1 Pct + 0.40 Pct
Gross Calorific Value (AR) 5,000 Kcal/Kg < 4,600 Kcal/kg 5,100 – 5,200 Kcal/Kg
Size (0-50 MM) 90 Pct   + 95.00 Pct
Wisma AKR
Jl. Panjang No. 5  
Jakarta Barat  
T +62-21-531 1110

A. Hauling roads
AKR Coal invested in hauling roads approximately 49 km to link the mining area with port. As part of strategy to develop an integrated coal logistics and coal distribution business, AKR Coal together with PT Austral Byna, a forest concession owner in Central Kalimantan, established 50:50 subsidiary PT Berkah Rukun Bersama to upgrade hauling roads to all weather hauling roads, not only to serve cargo of AKR Coal, but also other mining and forest concessions in that area.
B. Coal ports in Indonesia

AKR Coal invested in coal port in Buntok Kecil, Central Kalimantan with total area around 42 hectares. Another coal port in Teluk Timbau, South Barito Utara, Central Kalimantan is under construction.

C. Coal ports in China
In regards to coal distribution integration, PT AKR Corporindo Tbk has two subsidiaries in China that deal in port logistics business, AKR (Guigang) Port Co Ltd and AKR (Guigang) Transshipment Port Co Ltd. These river ports provide logistics service for coal and other products, including transshipment to the Pearl River delta. 



PT AKR Corporindo Tbk conducted coal trading in China through its subsidiary AKR (Guangxi) Coal Trading Co Ltd (AGCT), which is fully owned by the Company. AGCT supplies coal to domestic market. The Company has experience in coal handling through the Company’s subsidiaries in China, which are AKR (Guigang) Port Co Ltd and AKR (Guigang) Transshipment Port Co Ltd.

For further details about AKR (Guangxi) Coal Trading Co Ltd, please visit www.akrchina.com