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PT AKR Corporindo Tbk

Customer Complaint and Satisfaction Survey

Our commitment to delivering the best services brought positive results in 2020 with no reported complaint regarding any incidents of noncompliance by PT AKR Corporindo Tbk against the regulations concerning the impact of products and services that the Company are offering. In carrying out business, the Company provides clear instruction and conducts marketing activities in accordance with the applicable legislations. Thus, customers never have to worry about the contents of the Company’s products. Such commitment has resulted in the Company receiving no reports regarding the Company’s labeling and marketing communication during the reporting year.

Customer Complaints 
Customer service and satisfaction are the key to business. We prioritize this and have developed a comprehensive, online system to record and resolve customer complaints. The Company has a channel to accommodate customer complaints through the M-Files technology system. This system was designed according to customer requirements so that complaints can be facilitated easily in a simple and informative way. The system workflow is as follows:

Customer complaints via e-mail, telephone, or direct communication with customers are input into this system by the Customer Relationship Officer (CRO) according to the respective branches. The complaint is then followed up with an assignment to each PIC related to the complaint. The PIC will follow up and update the assignment. On complaint resolution, the CRO receives a notification.

Impact and Achievements
Social activities related to customers to guarantee the satisfaction and management of other issues have brought a positive impact in improving the Company’s overall revenues. Our business continuity is realized through the loyalty level of customers who are satisfied with our products and services and the Company also received no financial penalties for noncompliance with the laws or regulations concerning the provision and use of its products and services.