Environtmental, Social & Governance

PT AKR Corporindo Tbk

People Development

People are one of the three basic pillars of the Company’s Responsible Development approach, the other pillars being the environment (planet) and economic prosperity. Responsible Development means supporting long-term social, environmental and economic outcomes. The Company achieves this by ensuring the presence of welfare among employees and the surrounding community by providing jobs and economic benefits while ensuring the Company manages the environment responsibly without compromising its ability to support future generations. The Company’s Sustainability Policy contains a commitment to both employees and the community in and around the Company’s operational areas. For employees, this means supporting their well-being by creating an inclusive and fair work culture that adheres to the values and practices of gender equality, human rights, labor rights, security and safety, and positive engagement.

Equality and Opportunity
The Company provides equal opportunities for all employees, both men and women, regardless of ethnicity, religion, race, class, gender or physical condition, to participate in the employee recruitment program. The appointment of candidates is based on the results of the selection, the results of the evaluation during the probation, and the orientation of the employee. The Company’s human resources are dominated by male employees because AKR’s business is engaged in supply chain logistics, which requires male personnel, such as terminal tank operators, ship crews, truck drivers, and safety officers. However, the Company does not consider gender differences, especially in terms of employees who hold key positions in the Company, 43% of the Company's Directors are held by women.