Good Corporate Governance

Whistleblowing System & Anti Corruption Policy

The Company must protect the witness or complainant to an offense committed by an employee or the management of the Company in order to motivate stakeholders to report the occurrence of violations. Violations that can be reported through the whistleblowing system include violations of laws and regulations, code of conduct, generally accepted accounting principlesand company operational policies and procedures, or other fraudulent activities.

Reporting of Violations as Stated on Pact of Integrity

As stated on Pact of Integrity signed by all employees, partners and suppliers of the Company, every incident indicated as violations must be reported to the authorities that consist of Mr. Bambang Syumanjaya and Mr. Jimmy Tandyo on (+6221) 5311110.

Protection for Whistleblower

Protection for the whistleblower is as follows: 

  • Protection of the confidentiality of the whistleblower’s identity, including the information that can be used to contact the whistleblower
  • Protection of retaliation from the reported party or other parties who have interests in the occurrence
  • Protection from the pressure, employee rights, lawsuits, asset and physical actions.

Handling of Violation Reports

The Company ensures that all violation reports will be followed up well by related parties. Recurrent and systemic violations will be reported to the relevant officials who have the authority to make improvements.

Complaints Manager

The whistleblowing system is managed by the Internal Audit Unit. This unit will periodically check every incoming report for follow-up.

Violation Reports in 2019

During the year 2019, there was no reports received by the Company.