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AKR Held Investor Day Retail Roadshow to Highlight the Expansion into Retail Petroleum Distribution

February 06, 2020

Jakarta, February 6, 2019 - Investor Relations of PT AKR Corporindo Tbk (IDX ticker code: AKRA.IJ) held Investor Day Retail Roadshow on February 5, 2020, to highlight the expansion into Retail Petroleum distribution. The event was attended by 15 broker analysts and investor representatives, as well as the AKR and APR (BP Retail) management executives.

AKR as the leading supply chain logistics service provider in Indonesia, has expanded into retail petroleum since 2010 by distributing subsidized fuel. And since 2018, AKR has been working with BP to introduce BP brand stations in Indonesia, then formed a Joint Venture company namely Aneka Petroindo Raya (APR).

The event was started with visited SPBKB AKR Kapuk Raya and continued to the BP AKR petrol stations in Delatinos and Bintaro. The event was also attended by Mr. Haryanto Adikoesoemo-President Director of AKRA, Mr. Agus Martowardojo- Commissioner of AKRA, Mr Suresh Vembu- Director & Corporate Secretary of AKRA, and Mr. Pete Moloy- President Director of APR.

During the visit to the AKR Petrol Station Kapuk Raya AKR, visitors got presentation on the development of AKR petrol station and were given a digital system demonstration which have been conducted since 2010 to monitor the subsidized fuel movement. The management representative from AKR Retail stated that the documentation and automation system was used in the AKR petroleum distribution so that the product reached the right consumers. AKR supports the government's PSO Initiative and strives to provide the best value for all stakeholders. Currently, SPBKB and SPBN AKR have reached 137 units which designated for motor vehicles and fishermen, and 10 of them are located in 3T areas (The underdeveloped, The Foremost, The outermost).

Subsequently, Analysts & Investors visited BPR AKR De Latinos & Bintaro petrol stations. During the presentation, Mr. Pete Molloy explained, "We are delighted to say that revenue from BP outlets is growing every month, both from fuel and Non-fuel. In the future, revenue will increase along with the increasing number of BP AKR Petrol Station outlets that were previously targeted. Collaborating with AKR is the right decision, in which by its network and logistics facilities also their market knowledge, the product can be executed quickly".

Mr. Pete Molloy also explained BP future plan as a global player in the petroleum industry. BP works in 4 aspects; 1) Growth in fuel demand, 2) Development of low carbon energy (biogas & solar energy), 3) Digitalization, and 4) Shared Usage of vehicles. These 4 aspects are developing BP in the expertise of electricity recharging which will be introduced in Indonesia when the expected market is available.

BP AKR not only sells petroleum but also develops Non-Fuel Revenue in its Outlets. At Bintaro Outlet, Kopi Tuku currently provides the highest contribution followed by Alfa Mart and then Castrol Bike Point.

BP has introduced its global practice by working with local partners and focusing on Non-Fuel Income complementing its core business, which contributes 25-30% to profit. BP-AKR outlets will work with more local partners in the future. Currently BP-AKR petrol stations have reached 13 units, located in the Greater Jakarta area, Surabaya, and the Toll Rest Area. Going forward, BP-AKR is targeting 350 Outlets in 10 years, of which 80% will be owned by dealers.

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